Data Breach

Why is our Data still at Risk?

Despite skyrocketing costs/investments aimed at mitigating external and internal threats to our data, why are we still at risk? The short answer is simple, we are neglecting the weakest link in any security equation. People.  No matter how much we spend in hardware and software solutions People are the weakest link; and our IT spend […]

E-mail Security

Protect Your Organization! Protect Yourself! E-mail! Ever imagined life without e-mail? You’d actually have to use your hand to write a letter on paper, stick a stamp on it, and drop it into a postbox (gasp!). All right, so recognizing how critical e-mail is to business and personal life, hackers consider it a prime target. […]

Managing a Data Breach: Seven Steps to guide you in Breach Preparedness

Assemble an Internal Incident Response Team The foundation of any breach preparedness plan is having a well-prepared incident response team. It is important to have a team that is well-versed in privacy and security matters that can take the lead in handling the incident response should you experience a breach. Companies that suffer a breach […]